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Say goodbye to conventional ideas and endless revisions. Work with IT Company UAE to create pitch-perfect explainer videos that are creative and compelling.

2D Explainer video creation for unique business needs
Gather more traffic and spread awareness of your business
Explainer videos to boost your online visibility
Visualize complex procedures and details of your products

Create Your Desired Visual for the Best Market-Price

Our company makes explainer movies that are visually appealing and quickly convey your concept. When paired with our flexible price, this is the best combination available!

Explainer Video


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Voice over
Illustration & animation
Music & sound effects
4K Quality Images
Royalty Free Music
Script Writing Professional Professional
Duration upto 60 Seconds 1-2 Minutes 2-5 Minutes
Video Quality HD 720p FHD 1080p 4K
Revisions 2 3 Unlimited
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Simplified Videos that Help You Win Customers

Our firm makes explainer movies that are aesthetically appealing and quickly convey your concept. Whatever your objective, we provide instructions and offer solutions.

Customized Content
Customized Content
Effective Videos
Effective Videos
Free Revisions
Free Revisions
High Resolution
High Resolution
Increase Traffic
Increase Traffic
Original Design
Original Design
Quality Images
Quality Images
 Music & Sound Effects
Music & Sound Effects
Script Writing
Script Writing

Achieve More with Effective 2D Explainer Videos

Communicate your clear message through our video creation and introduce your brand most effectively. We have professional video creation experts who can help you grow your brand awareness, engage your target audience, and convert viewers into loyal customers or partners.
Get your professional and inspiring animated explainer videos today with the IT Company UAE!

Simplifying Complicated Ideas & Concepts

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is through animated explainer films. While many explainer video businesses work hard to meet their clients' expectations, IT Company UAE can convey even the least exciting stuff in the most unique and defined way. Our storytelling prowess and narrative-driven characters make complex ideas effortless and straightforward.
We believe in simplifying complicated ideas and presenting them in the most straightforward manner possible, adding more value to your organisation. Every day, our creative staff puts in a lot of effort to produce something unique that holds viewers' interest throughout the video. We make your material more engaging with our explainer video services.

Explain your Products
Explain your products & services with audiovisual

Transform the ideas that allow you to get your audience's attention.

Explain your products, services or information in minutes or even in seconds.

Showcase your portfolio in videos, solve customer's problems and explain how you can help businesses with your services or products.

2D explainer videos are designed to help you to reach your business goals by engaging your audience or converting them into customers.

Convert Your Concepts into Engaging Explainer Videos

Tell us what you want to achieve.

Showcase your work in a more professional manner to captivate your audience.

Keeping you on-brand and on-target for increased engagement and conversion.

IT Company UAE makes it easy to support your campaigns with media that moves your audience to action.

Engaging Explainer Videos
Animation to bring your concept to life!

Stand out from the competition with explainer video that is remembered.

We enlist the perfect animators for your project who implement their creativity to come up with a visual masterpiece.

Ride the wave of the internet video & social media trends!

In a fun and compelling way, convert your visitors into buyers.

Explainer Video Experts

A dedicated Customer Service Manager as your main point of contact.

Provide your own or our professional script writer can write a script for you.

We will use the right voice-over to give a memorable impression to your audience.

A unique audio & video experience to explain your project to the audience with enhancements & editing effects.

We go beyond our clients’ expectations, free unlimited revision plans are available.

Video Experts

We Create More Than Just an Engaging Video

 Video Creation
Impactful Video Creation

Without question, video can have a significant influence on all business types. We create eye-catching corporate movies, animations, promotions, and bumpers for your business. Additionally, we offer stunning visual effects and background music specifically composed for the occasion.

Top-Notch Animation

Reduce the barrier between you and your audience by efficiently communicating technical topics. Make use of the video's emotional impact to connect with your audience. Allow our team to oversee all aspects of the project, including the concept, storyboarding, style, and production.

 Highest Clarity
Achieve the Highest Clarity

Whether it's related to business, mobile applications, education, machine learning, quantum physics, or data analytics explainer films, we've got you covered! Our explainer movies will improve your product pages and boost conversions on your website.


Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

The cost of a Video Production depends on the length, quality and scope of your production. The number of crew members and type of editing are all factored into the cost. We have web development and script writing services as well.

Explainer videos mix your company's narrative, products, and culture. It is vital because it helps you show an in-depth and comprehensive overview of your business and what it offers, with all the necessary details in one location. Small talk may have a significant impact.

Yes. We can offer translation services for your video productions.

You don’t need to write your own script. We also provide a script writing service, if requested.

The first thing that usually springs to mind while trying to find engaging animated explainer films is this. When choosing an animated explainer video firm, there are a few things to consider, such as your budget, the quality of the work, customer feedback, and the company's experience. Viewing a company's portfolio will give you a better understanding of the type of work they have completed.

Making animated explainer videos has several advantages. They enable you to communicate your message clearly and rapidly in this quick-paced environment. Explainer videos are compelling attention-getters that get your point through. They are the ideal alternative to imaginatively highlight your fresh good or service and aid in their improvement in Google rankings. To do this, our animated explainer video production firm works in partnership with its clients to help them boost sales and realise their corporate objectives.

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How do I pick an animated explainer video production company?

The first thing that usually springs to mind while trying to find engaging animated explainer films is this. When choosing an animated explainer video firm, there are a few things to consider, such as your budget, the quality of the work, customer feedback, and the company's experience. Viewing a company's portfolio will give you a better understanding of the type of work they have completed.

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