Microsoft Teams is coming up with a new feature to help your businesses

Microsoft Teams is adding a payment feature to help users in their respective businesses. Businesses will get paid through Microsoft Teams which will be a whole new dimension to their services. This video conferencing platform will help users to make payments during the meetings. According to Microsoft, they are working on eliminating lengthy processes to make payments, and in the future making payments will be just a click away. The

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Linux Speed Boost since 2002

Users can make Linux work much faster Window-centric hardware management has been plaguing Linux machines since 2002. In order to maintain efficiency, processors with billions of transistors have long-needed sophisticated interfaces between an operating system and hardware, such as the chips that have been slowing down your Linux laptop. Even though the outgoing APM standard was replaced by the most recent ACPI standard in 1996, more than 25 years ago,

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Microsoft is going password-less with Azure Virtual desktops

There is no need for password authentication for Azure Virtual desktops. Microsoft is coming up with a single sign-on experience for Microsoft Azure virtual desktops which will enable password-less authentication for its users. This will enable users to access Security devices and Windows Hello as well as third-party identity management services which are integrated with Azure Virtual Desktops. The users will be able to log in to both client’s window

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What is there to worry about Microsoft Teams and Slack?

Third-Party Apps are a big threat to Microsoft and Slack Microsoft and Slack allow third-party app inclusion. This leads to security threats these platforms. Although, Microsoft Teams and Slack are the biggest communication and collaboration platforms today, the security threat is a nightmare for users. According to researchers, Slack and Microsoft Teams do not review the code of third-party apps. Sometimes it reviews those apps but very superficially. The rest

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